Types of Wounds


What are the various wound types?

Wounds are classified into six types of wounds based on how the wound is developed. 

Abrasions – scrapes or scratches on the surface layers of the skin.

Avulsions – the tearing of the skin, usually from a traumatic incident. 

Incisions – a smooth cut like those during surgery.

Laceration – an abnormal or rough cut that may occur from an accident.

Punctures – a wound that permeated through several skin layers, caused by a sharp, pointed object.

Ulceration – an open wound that develops from within the body itself due to health conditions like poor circulation or diabetes.

What is a chronic wound?

Wounds are classified as either acute, or chronic based on how long the wound has been prevalent. An acute wound is caused by a traumatic encounter, such as a surgery or injury that can occur in an accident.   Chronic wounds are those that get “stuck” in the healing process due to various reasons.  The wound-healing process can get derailed due to poor circulation, edema, infections and nutritional factors. A chronic wound care specialist can help identify these conditions and get patients back on a healing path.

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Venous Leg Ulcer

Wounds that develop due to poor venous return from legs.

Arterial Ulcers

Wounds that develop due to poor arterial blood flow to legs.

Diabetic Ulcers

Ulcers that develop when diabetes is not managed properly.

Pressure Injuries

Also known as “bed sores” that develop due to skin pressure from prolonged sitting or laying in bed.

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